Our Bordeaux is a traditional blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and


The vineyards are located on both limestone soils and gravely and

sandy soils. The climate is oceanic with high temperature variations

in summer (between the day and the night). We use a classic

Bordeaux vinification method with a long maceration (with

temperature control to extract the fruit and the tannic structure).

Our wine will then age in oak for 6 to 8 months (French and

American oak) to refine the tannins and make them silky.


Tasting Notes


An elegant and complex Bordeaux wine showing powerful flavors of ripe cherries and plum, some black pepper spicy note.


Food Pairing Ideas


Serve at 61 F – best if it can be served in a decanter.
It is delightful just by itself! 
Appetizers: Charcuterie, especially paté and terrines. Entrees: it will go very well with any grilled meat like steak frites or sausage with chips, haricot beans, or lentils. It will also pair well with roast beef, veal or venison.
Desserts: Goat and sheep cheeses, mild brie, and camembert.


Shipping: States of New York, California and Illinois