Our Cotes du Rhône is a traditional blend of Grenache, Syrah and

Mourvèdre grapes. It allows us to blend and compliment the

aromatic, smooth Grenache grape with Syrah (for its length and

power) and Mourvèdre (for its fine tannins).

The grapes come from two different areas:


Vines are grown on slopes that are protected from the

Mistral wind at an altitude of 300m in the Drôme

department (where the stony marl-based soil yields

classy, harmonious, powerful wines).


Vines are grown on the flatlands in the Gard department in

predominantly sandy soils (where the Grenache grape

can express itself fully and lend the wine its aromatic

complexity and smoothness).

After the grapes are harvested, the juice undergoes a 15 to 18 days

fermentation period with regular pumping over as well as rack and return.

The barrel-aged Mourvèdre adds a subtle touch of complexity.


Tasting Notes


An attractive Rhône wine with strawberry fruit character and smoky, peppery notes finishing on long, harmonious tannins.


Food Pairing Ideas

 Serve at 64 F.
It is delightful just by itself! 
Appetizers: any cream soup (mushroom for instance), French onion soup, or a goat cheese salad. 
Entrees: it will go very well all game meat as well as duck, lamb, pheasant, wild boar, barbecue meat, steak (with peppercorn sauce) but veal as well. You can also pair it with a nice Asian dish.
Desserts: a variety of soft and hard cheeses! 


Shipping: States of New York, California and Illinois