Our 100% Chardonnay originates in our vineyards located in the Southwestern and Mediterranean coastal areas of France. It undergoes a careful vinification with a 10 to 12-day fermentation using both French and American oak. A gentle maturation follows for 6-month on the wine’s natural lies. In order to achieve great balance in our final blend, only 50% will complete malolactic fermentation. Finally, an early bottling will allow us to capture the freshness and primary flavors.


Tasting Notes


A rich and well-balanced Chardonnay with hints of apricot and whiteflowers with a vanilla and delicate and subtle buttery finish.


Food Pairing Ideas: 


Serve chilled at 54 F.
It is delightful just by itself! 
Appetizers: think pâtés, fish, chicken, or vegetable terrines. Crab or fish cakes! It will also go well with pasta or risotto, spring vegetables and creamy vegetable soups. You can also pair with Sushi, Sashimi, Oysters or delicately spiced fish or salads.
Entrees: salmon preparations (simply poached or with a buttery sauce), chicken, pork or pasta (in a creamy sauce for instance), salads (such as Caesar salad or chicken salads).
Desserts: what about a nice fruit salad! 


Shipping: States of New York, California and Illinois