Our 100% Sauvignon blanc is cultivated on limestone soils of the Garddépartement, in the plains of the Hérault and the Aude Valley in Southern France. A part of the blend also comes from the region aroundLimoux. Pruning and yield are controlled. The vines are pruned according to the «Cordon de Royat» method (trellised). Our grapes are harvested early in the morning and transported rapidly to the winery. Pressing is made immediately. The alcoholic fermentation takes place in stainless steel vats at 18 to 20°C. Then, the wine is aged on its fine lees for a few months at low temperature in a carbon dioxide atmosphere. There is no malolactic fermentation. Finally, an early bottling will allow us to capture freshness and primary flavors.


Tasting Notes


Our Sauvignon Blanc has a lovely pale color. It is rich and aromatic with intense scents of fruit (gooseberry, passion fruit, wild strawberry, and lemon). It also displays floral nuances   (honeysuckle),   and mineral«flinty» scents from the limestone soil. It is very fresh on the palate with good acidity and a touch of refreshing bitterness in the finish. It has very nice minerality.


Food Pairing Ideas


Serve chilled at 46 F.
It is delightful just by itself! 
Appetizers: it will go well with lightly cooked shellfish like oysters and shell-on prawns as well as fresh crab. You can also try with gazpacho or goat cheese salad.
Entrees: it will go very well with simply grilled fish (such as seabass) but also with oily fish (such as sardines and mackerel) or big garlicky prawns and chargrilled squid. It will be a good wine to match Japanese dishes such as sushi and sashimi, seafood-based steamed and fried dim sum, and smoked salmon, particularly if the smoke is delicate.
Desserts: it will pair well with cheeses flavored with garlic and herbs such as Boursin.


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