Sparkling wine - Brut

Grape Variety:  Chardonnay

Soil: Grapes come from several judiciously selected terroirs: 2/3 of the grapes are cultivated halfway up the slope on hillsides, whose clay and pebble-rich soil lends a lovely range of flavours and fruit to the cuvée; the remaining third hails from calcareous clay soils that lend freshness to the wine.

Vinification > Vinified at monitored temperatures to extract as much of the varietal's typical aromas and flavours as possible and to give the wine added complexity. When blending the cuvées, selections are made according to criteria based on balance, richness of flavours and acidity. A "liqueur de tirage" is added to provoke a second fermentation, which creates the bubbles. This takes a minimum of three weeks. 

Tasting Notes

Beautiful pale gold color and a trail of fine, long-lasting bubbles. Its nose is extremely expressive with captivating aromas of white-fleshed peach. Fruity notes (white fleshed fruit) on the palate with flavors of dried fruit and a touch of acacia honey. The finish is evocative of lemon zest. It offers remarkable freshness and lovely tension.Food & Wines > Enjoyed well chilled (8C) as an aperitif alongside petits fours. Good pairing with a fruit dessert, pannacotta and event white chocolate desserts.